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Solar Speicher GS Yuasa LEV40 li-ion prismatic cells, LiMnO2 chemistry

 NEU Solar Speicher GS Yuasa LEV40 li-ion prismatic cells, LiMnO2 chemistry

GS Yuasa LEV40 cells
from Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV
donorcars 2014-2016 km's between 20-45000km's

updated stock 18/4
240 cells in stock + 80 cells in logistic pipeline,
expected week 17
total 48Kwh available for selling
cells are packed 8pieces in plastic container
production codename LEV40-8

LiMnO2 chemistry
nominal voltage each prismatic cell 3.75V @40Ah
operating voltage range 2.75V-4.1V
continuous discharge: 300A,
max charge at 10-40 degrees celsius: 125A
M8 terminals

easy to re-make into parallel batteries
for use as "Solar Speicher" solar battery
example: 14S x4P = 52.5Vnom 160Ah = 8.4Kwh
ad a bms (REC or Batrium) plug play with SMA Sunny Island,
and many more brands of inverters.
Easy to expand size, just add more batteries.

price per prismatic cell €33.25,
any number available for sale.

shipping ADR compliant, Gefahren Gut Klasse 9,
weight over 100kg, Germany no islands,
€125,-- palletshipping, any quantity till 500kg

small quantities / weight till 32kg €45,--
other countries, ask seller for quote

or collect in Obdam
NRW to me: 3hours trip, many came, see, testing, a coffee, etc

Payment per paypal, bigger numbers banktransfer
contact seller

Obdam, Nederland

Carel Hassink

Houtsnip 18
1713SR Obdam

+31 226 712020 tel
+31 634 953776 mob
KvK Hoorn : 51776820
BTW : NL091177583B04
EORI : NL091177583
Name:pro-LOX, Carel Hassink
Straße:Houtsnip, 18
Stadt:NL- 1713SR Obdam, Nederland
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